Patrik Jonsson

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2015

Game Projects:

1. Outpost Omega

During our project Outpost Omega I were given a few areas to put my focus on. Those areas were implementing a weapons system that would handle dropped weapons in the world as well as being able to shoot. I pretty much did everything weapon related. Besides putting focus on the weapons system, I did quite a bit of other general gameplay programming. Towards the end of the project I were given the responsibility of implementing all sound for the game using FMOD.

2. FUMP!

For the first two weeks of our project FUMP I were mainly helping out with general gameplay, with some focus on character movement, input support both for PS4 & PC using a controller. After these two weeks I were given the task of creating the entire menu, which consists of the main menu, character selection and level selection. Alongside the menu I were given responsibilty of creating a few shaders and blend states. The most time-consuming part of the menu were the character selection.