Patric Eriksson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2014



My name is Patric Eriksson and I'm an aspiring Game Designer at PlaygroundSquad Falun.


I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember and for me the idea of working in the game industry has always been a dream. I grew up in a small town outside Falun, and I've always been told that hard works pays off in one way or another and that is a philosophy I always have in mind when I work with projects.

When I got in to PlaygroundSquad I said to myself that I'm going to pick up as much as I can and work hard to learn scripting which is the area I'm interested of working in.


Projects I have worked on:


Bark Boat Dash:

A multiplayer action racing game for PC.


Project manager

- Schedules, communication, planning, deadlines.



- Bug testing.

- Tweaking.

- Game analysing.


Level Design


Global Game Jam 2015:

A small game where I co-designed alongside my class mates.