Pål Wallo

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2008

My name is Pål and Im a 31 years old GameDesign student at PlaygroundSquad / Sweden.

I first picked up an interest in games in 1985 when 'pen n' paper' RPGs got big in Sweden. It led me onto the path of writing missions, adventures and campaigns for a number of games, ranging from Fantasy & Sci-fi to Horror and War games. (Non-commercial releases)

I've been drawing and scetching my whole life which has helped me gain a talent for detail and overlay compositions of images and landscapes as well as for creating stories and gameplay settings. This led me in to LevelDesign in 2000.

So far I've been involved in creating several Mods and Levels for the Battlefield series games (Dice, Sweden), with focus on atmospheric environment and tactical gameplay.

For me it is important to have a full 'palette' of creative instruments to my disposal, and I applied to PSQ mainly for learning both 3D graphics and Game-design fundamentals. So far the courses have proven to be of very high quality.

I've studied Interactive Multimedia and Audio Engineering prior to PSQ and after completing the wide range of courses trained at the GameDesign education here, I'm eagerly looking forward to working within the industry soon.


see ya 'round! ;-D