Oskar Säll

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2015

Hi there!

I am Oskar, a passionate game designer who loves most things about game design. There is no better feeling than to see a game evolve from a simple idea to a complex and beautiful masterpiece. Some of my favorite things is gameplay design and gameplay scripting and I have some knowledge in Python, Lua, Unreal Engine, Unity (C#),  Galaxy Editor and Gamemaker (GML).

I play a lot of different games in my spare time, but my absolute favorite hobby is without doubt board games. I love the feeling of physical components and that it's real, not something pasted on a screen. And that leads to the next thing that I love, virtual reality! I recently bought a HTC Vive and I know VR is here to stay. The feeling you get when you lose yourself in a VR world is awesome and one thing I would love to work with is to make the VR games of the future. I am also very interested in AR.

Game Project 1: Outpost Omega

Play as robots and battle mean aliens in this epic twin-stick survival shooter for the PC. Team up with a friend and use a variety of weapons and try to survive for as long as you can.

Outpost Omega was made in the Tengine engine and my work was everything from gameplay design to planning. I also worked a lot in F-MOD Studio and was the one responsible for all the sound effects in the game.

Game Project 2: Labrys

Winner of the Best Pitch Award 2016 from Näringslivet Dalarna. As chosen by a jury of gaming industry representatives.

Labrys is a fast paced sports game in which 4 players compete against each other in 2 teams, each trying to score the most goals before the match is over.

While the programmers build a solid ground in Tengine and implemented Lua scripting, I mainly focused on gameplay design and scripted different prototypes in Unity, but also helped with other stuff when needed such as menus, HUD, planning etc. When the programmers were done with the base I spent most of my time scripting the whole game in Lua.