Oliver Johansson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019


New to industry I'm working my way through with an open mind.

I have been teaching myself animation with books, educational videos from people in the industry and learning from my fellow people. I don't have a nailed down interest I instead like to watch and learn from people around world with different views and doing what they're best at, just to gain new and interesting ideas to implement in my work and everyday life. 

Don't Drink the coolant (1:st project)

During our first project I got a taste of being a game animator, I did all the rigs and got a taste of being a Lead Animator. 

Death Blade (2:nd project)

In the second project I got bigger challange as a Lead Animator : Multiple types of enemies, first person melee, and having controll over other animators. It got stressfull having controll over a few people animating, problems with scaling and other problems. I value the experience more in this project more than the end product. 

(Note: I havn't done the models for my rigs in my gallery.)