Oliver Holgersson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Discord Handle: lemonO#3525

Hey there, friend!

My name is Oliver and I'm a somewhat experienced artist who has just taken my first shaky steps into the 3D world. It's going pretty well, if I may say so myself! 

I've studied and practiced 2D art consistently since gymnasiet (high school), where I completed a specialised art- and animation curriculum. This awoke my passion for game art and character design, and I'm still holding onto my dreams of making it big as a character artist. 

I've spent the last year transfering my skills and experience into the 3D medium, exploring Autodesk Maya, ZBrush and Substance Painter and refining my character making progress. I love telling stories with my work, and wish nothing more than to be a part of the epic narratives that games impart.

Game Project 1: Nuclear Opera

I had the pleasure of being the art lead for this project, and spent plenty of time directing and colaborating with my fellow artists, as well as keeping the art guide updated. It was a challenge, but also a great learning experience!

Other than my lead duties I also helped developing the character designs, and continued on with character modeling and texturing as well. 

Game Project 2: Liberosis

The main character was my main focus throughout the entire project. I colaborated on the character design during the first week, after which I was assigned to modeling, sculpting and texturing. It was an iterative process to listen to the needs of the other diciplines, and make sure the character functioned as perfectly as possible. 

I gained a lot of new experience with both Substance Painter and Unity.

On the side I also worked on enviromental textures such as rock, moss, foilage and grass, and made some simpler prop work. I also designed two game logos, as well as an entirely new alphabet for the purpose of the game (although I am the only one who can read it!). 

The positive and supportive energy our group had during this project is something I aim to bring with me wherever I end up. It was an incredible experience.