Nils Hansson Bjerke

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2008

My name is Nils Hansson Bjerke and I am studying to become a game designer. This is a fascinating experience since game designer is a very loosly defined job and the work tasks seem to vary depending on the company you work for. Which suits me fine as it gives me opportunity to learn about almost every aspect of game development.  

I have so far worked on two games at PSQ.

Jump - 5 weeks

A platformer that focuses heavily on setting new high-scores. The control system is very simple but it takes practice to traverse the levels at fastest possible speed. The score you get is also based on how many times you touch ground and how many times you die. Jump has great potential for further development since we succeeded in making a great control scheme that would work on any platform.


Two Die - 10 weeks

The concept with Two Die was to take the feeling of a beatém up, fast paced, intence battles, and place it in a FPS. We also wanted to really take co-operation between team members to a new level. With two different classes that complements each others powers and a set of abilities that focuses on interaction between the players Two Die was a bit to ambitious. The end product is without many of the features we had in mind. Despite that it is good fun and prooves that the core idea is a good one.