Niklas Sandén

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009

Name: Niklas Sandén

Born: 1989-10-16

address: Kopparvägen 31, 79142 Falun


CV and code samples can be found here.(Last updated 5th of September 2010)


I'm now(12th of September 2012) a 22 year old programmer, currently working as a software engineer in the Live Operations department of DICE, working with improving Battlefield 3.

From when I graduated until April 2012 I worked as a junior game programmer, developing a game called Raceroom Racing Experience at a company called Simbin.

I started studying at PSQ 2009 and graduated the spring of 2011.

Before Playground squad i graduated from Leksands Gymnasium 2008 with a specialization on technology/IT/Hardware. After that i read 6 months of computer communication at Mälardalens University.

My knowledge is as follows;

C++ (Extensive)


DirectX (Moderate)
Raknet (Moderate)
Fmod (Limited)


--------Personal Project--------

There is 1 picture of a blue car and 4 pictures of something that seems like an fps with pirates using ak47:s. These are my projects i worked with to improve myself while we were reading some introduction courses and math the first month at playground squad.

--------School Project 1: Ravage--------

I was one of two programmers and both of us coded a little bit on everything since we didn't really know how to split up the work back then. The game containes 4 different enemies including a boss, triggers, 2 characters of choice with different attributes, particle emitters, a 2d hud for health, ammo and xp and a levling system including talent points. It is a co-op game for PC with either 2 xbox360-controllers or a keyboard.

More information and pictures on the game can be found by clicking the link Ravage under projects further down on this page.

--------School Project 2: Fused--------

I was the lead programmer on this project. we were 3 programmers working on it, 1 on creating the weapons and the other on making the Ai/path finding/shaders/camera. Excluding those i did the rest, listing some of the major features here:

- Networking( Co-op, deathmatch, weapon sync, animation sync, position and rotation interpolation, scoreboard, in game chat/event notifier )

- Menu, cutscene, door, elevator, chat, messagebox -Managers

- Cutscene, door, commsystem, weapon activation, sound  -Tools( All of these could either be created from a .txt and/or model file that our designers could create freely)

- Triggers( Elevators, doors, activation of enemies, cutscenes etc)

- Sounds( Using the Fmod Api )

- Player( movement, firing of weapons, animations, function to get a reasonable projectile trajectory )

- 3D HUD( supplying the player with information about selected weapons, amounts of ammo etc on the backpack )

- Interactive objects( buttons working as triggers, destroyable glass, boxes and a wall you can blow to the skies with the help of some gas tubes )

youtube trailer of the co-op mode can be found here.

More information and pictures on the game can be found by clicking the link Fused under projects further down on this page.


-------School Project 3: Tales of Towers-------

I was the lead programmer for this project that was first planned to be released for psp but due to the shortage of devkits we developed it to PC instead. It's a small tower defense game with a couple of twists such as special abilities and being able to enter towers with your builder and choose where and how to shoot. This was done over 6 weeks at the same time as everyone was looking for internship so it didn't get all the time it deserved but still ended up quite funny, trailer can be found here:


An 11 second long video showing physX, instancing and shadow mapping created by me in the beginning of my second year when we had our first introduction to shaders can be found here.