Michelle Magnusson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hello there!

My name is Michelle Magnusson and I'm an aspiring environment/prop artist. 

Before I started my game art education here at PSQ, I focused mostly on 2D art as well as traditional painting, but upon discovering 3D art I really got interested in environmental art. The storytelling aspect and how environments can create such heavy atmospheres is what makes me really passionate about the craft. I have an excessive willingness to learn new methods and softwares.

Feel free to check out my portfolio at: https://www.artstation.com/michumagn

Game Projects (PSQ)

Game project 1: Llama Drama Spit-Pit

I created all the different llamas as well as their accessories. We worked in Tengine.


Game project 2:  Song of the Bardbarians

In this project we worked in Unity and my role in this project was co-environment lead  alongside Linn Wilhelmsson. 

Throughout this project we focused on the modular aspect of the environment, planning the assets and their textures (tilesets and trim sheets), as well as lighting, mood and composition of the levels. I also created most of the tiling materials.