Melker Litsgård

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2014

I'm a programmer focused more on engine/tool programming than gameplay. I enjoy organizing tools, writing maintainable systems and everything that is related to graphics, such as DirectX and OpenGL.

Projects I've worked with during my time on PlaygroundSquad and what I've been doing in them:


Bark Boat Dash:

This was the first project on PlaygroundSquad. My main focuses during the project was shaders, creating the particle system/editor and making the game structure maintainable and easy to use.
The shaders I did during the project were mainly a cel shader and an outline shader.
The particle system were a simple system generating a buffer with DirectX quads with textures. The system contained a various amount of variables that could be changed by an artist in the associated editor.
Apart from that I implemented a system where the designers could change some exposed variables and save them to a JSON file.


Lady Bazooka:

This was our second project and it was developed for the PS3. During this project I was assigned as the lead programmer. My main focuses were once again mostly shaders, planning a structured, maintainable foundation and creating a particle system/editor but this time using OpenGL and taking advantage of the PS3s specific advantages.
The shaders this time were mostly just optimization so we would use very few draw calls and not putting too much on the GPU, since the GPU in the PS3 is not that powerful.
The particle system is made in a way so the PS3 can cache most of the data, and the editor is improved a lot since the last project. It does also not just create particle emitters, it creates effects containing one or more emitters and/or meshes.
Some of the more specific system optimizations I was in charge of was skinning on the PS3s SPUs. Since out characters contains a lot of vertices and had some advanced animations we were able to go from 30FPS to 60FPS with this improvement.
I also improved and simplified the way of changing and saving variables for this project, a system that is available for use with upcoming projects for us and other students.

Apart from this, another group used my particle system/editor and system for changing/saving variables.


Lady Bazooka v2:

During our third project we got to improve Lady Bazooka and port it to the PS4. My role was again the lead programmer and my main focuses remained mostly the same, including most of the porting to the PS4. I improved the particle system/editor more and added some requested features from the artists. Most of my time though went into improving lot's of existing features in the game and working with the designers to make sure we could create a nice looking, fun to play game with an overall professional experience!