Max Wijk Stranius

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2014

Hi, I'm currently studiyng my second year of game programming at Playgroundsquad. My primary interests include tool- and network programming, as well as creating applications for Android. I also fancy DirectX/HLSL and OpenGL ES/GLSL when the opportunity arise. When not devoting my time to any of the above, I use to play around with various JavaScript frameworks, or server backends written partially in Python/Ruby. Sometimes working with APIs for my native applications.


My key roles during my education so far has been as Lead Programmer in the following game projects:

Aaargh! 'Tis the Kraken!! (PC)

During this project I worked a lot with DirectX 11 and HLSL, implementing tesselated dynamic water, and effects such as fog, rain, and clouds. I also spent some time developing the AI for Kraken and its tentacles, exporting configuration files in JSON, and physics.

Alien Weapon X (PS Vita)

During this project I learned alot about sacrifice. Not only in performance (even though the PS Vita is incredible, judging its size), but also workflow. Since I was the one and only programmer during an extended period during this project. My work includes nearly every aspect of the game except our audio implementation, and bullet time feature.

Rage Quit 2 (Global Game Jam 2015)

During this 48 hour game jam my work included, drawing pixel art, forming the foundation of the games code base (since it was almost written from scratch in C++), implementing a built in HTTP- and Websocket server system, and an experimental "wireless" controller -letting you control the game through the browser of your mobile device.


In my spare time I develop games and applications for android, as well as maintain my own 2D game engine GeniEngine (which dates back to 2012).

I have varying experiences with, C++, C, C#, OpenGL (mainly ES), GLSL, Directx 11, HLSL, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

Executables and sources can be provided by request.