Martin Säll

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009


I´m 21 Years of age, tall( over 190 cm ) and is often referenced to as: Kebab ( due to my ancient nickname: Kebab_Taxi )

I started my programming studies with microprocessor programming in the gymnasium, however at the time i didnt find it to my liking and laughed at my teacher when he told me that i might someday find programming to my liking. 

My interest in Game-programming began after i scripted a warcraft 3 mod which became popular and i took C++ lessons in school. and since then i have been hooked.

So I ended up in Playgroundsquad to increase my knowledge in C++ and Game related programming which I have done to say the least.


I´ve participated in two projects so far:

First were: Ravage, i coded AI, Input, Hud and the finalBoss among other stuff,

Second Came: Dynasty of Zealots: A Legends Story, where i was tasked with fields like: camera, npc behavior, particle effects, random wildlife ( dont ask ) and 2D stuff like the loading screen.

Below you will find pictures from shaders i´ve built ( CellShader, Bloom and Heatdistortion ) along with a few pictures from earlier game projects.