Markus Pursche

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2014

My name is Markus Pursche, I am a 20 year old programming student from Sweden.


I am focused more on gameplay programming but I also enjoy working on tools and engine features.

Projects I have worked on during my time at PSQ and what I did in them:


I started out with working on a level editor for the first two weeks which was later scrapped, I then moved on to working very closely with the graphical students, making a system for them to load an additive texture layer to models and stuff like that. During the later parts of the project I worked on a lot of stuff, like bugfixes. One of the major things I did during that time was the moving platforms waypoint system.

Lady Bazooka

During this project my role was Gameplay programmer, it was my job to make the weapon mechanic, projectiles, gamemode system and scoring. I made a prop system which our graphical artists and designers used to populate the arena with props that the player can interact with. I later took the initiative of implementing FMOD and towards the end of the project I made the ingame HUD.

I am very happy with Lady Bazooka and how it turned out, this was my first time working with a component-entity based system outside of Unity3d and I really enjoyed it. We developed for the PS3 which I at first thought was hard but I quickly adapted to it.

Alien Weapon X

I joined this project two weeks before the deadline, one of their original programmers quit so they needed some help. I volunteered and spent my afternoons helping them out. In this project I was in charge of implementing FMOD, making the bullettime feature and the Megaforce slice attack. I also made the HUD.

It was a bit hectic to enter a project so close to the deadline but I worked it out. The game was made for the PSVita which I really enjoyed working with.