Marcus Frandsén

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2013

Hej there! My name is Marcus Frandsén, alias Makke. I'm 20 years old, originating from Borlänge, Dalarna currently positioned in the Stockholm area. if I were to describe myself with 3 words I'd probably stick to: focused, dedicated and calm.

My focused areas include shaders, physics, core design and gameplay but I'm open to whatever sort of programming comes along.

I've contributed my knowledge to 2 projects so far here at PlaygroundSquad.


Lonely Goblin, a side scrolling puzzle digging game where I worked as the sole programmer of the project. It was a quite tough job considering we had less than 5 weeks of development time, but I'm proud & happy of the outcome.

Ruckus Rumble is a top down 2-4 player chaotic arena fighter for the PlayStation 4, where I worked as one of two programmers. My area of work was majorly the backbone of the project, planning the base of the game and writing out the core of the game. I also wrote the 2d physics system and most of the gameplay features including: player, shield, sword, abilities (apart from the hookshot) as well as the ingame-HUD.

Independent projectsPortfolio and my Contact details can be found on my homepage linked below.

My CV can happily be supplied by request at email!