Linus Holmgren

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hello my name is Linus and I'm an aspiring 3D character, props and weapons artist. I'm very inspired by stylized 3D art and that is mostly what I focus on when it comes to 3D art. I started my 3D journey in high school at Mediagymnasiet in Stockholm studying 3D graphics for games for 3 years. 

After graduating from high school i studied technical artist at BTH in Karlskrona for 1 year. However i discovered that my passion was for 3D art and not technical art and I decided to work on my portfolio and apply for PlaygroundSquad. 

Game project 1: Resilient 

For this project I was responsible for: 

* I was the lead artist during this project.

* Sculpting and retopologizing the main character of the game.

* Texturing the main character in substance painter.

* Creating the art bible  the other artists could follow. 

* Blocking out some animations for the main character and the enemy character. 

Game project 2: Fear & Mischief 

* For this project I was responsible for: 

* Sculpting in and retopologizing the monster nun. 

* The Texturing of the monster in Substance Painter. 

* Painting most of the textures for the VFX in the game. 

* Creating most of the VFX and VFX shaders used in the game

* Sculpting, retopologizing and texturing the boxing glove item.