Linn Wilhelmsson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019


My name is Linn Wilhelmsson, I'm from Gävle, Sweden, and I focus on environmental art. Before studying at playgroundsquad I mostly did a lot of traditional painting and sculpting before discovering digital art and getting into 3D game art. I think that games are the most interesting story telling medium and even in games that aren't that story heavy, a good environment can tell you so much.

Feel free to check out my portfolio in the artstation link above and at:

Game Projects

Game project 1: Punch Party 

I was in charge of and made the majority of everything environment related including: lighting, textures, props, animated backgrounds etc.

Game project 2:  Song of the Bardbarians

I was co-environment lead during the project and my main assignments together with the environment team was to: make tiles for level design, make props, design the look of the environment, keeping track of who does what with props etc and mainly to fill out and decorate the levels.

Game project 3:  Folded Voices

I concepted and planned a lot of the environment, made a lot of props and tiles as well as decorated majority of the levels. Also made the menu-scene.