Liam Johansson

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2017

Hello, I'm a programmer generalist. I like to take on any programming challenge that is thrown at me and try to solve it as neatly as I can. My preferred language is c++, but I'm also experienced with python, c#, and Lua. I also have some experience with HLSL. Engines that I have experience with are Tengine(in-house engine) and Unity.

These are the projects that I currently have been part of

Mausoleum(Project 2) 9 weeks


Platform: PSVita

Some of the work I did during this project are the following

  • Wrote an FMOD sound class.

  • Level pipeline, a python script in Autodesk Maya so the designers could place boxes in the world that then got imported to the game as collision boxes, spawn points or breakables.

  • Implemented Box2D and wrote a box2D component.

  • Wrote a Unit movement component, that standardized the movement so it became more easy to control.

  • Implemented a cheat code system to ease testing of the game.

Bugsplat(Project 1) 5 weeks


Platform: PC

This was my first group project and it was the first time I made a game with c++, and I was the only programmer on this project so it was both fun but also really stressful. I learned three valuable things during this project. Firstly how important planning and prioritizing different tasks are. Secondly how to stay focused and functioning under stress. The final thing I learned was how important it is to keep a codebase clean and well organized.

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