Leo von Ahn

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2014

A music loving game designer, scripter, with a great sense for balancing games and teamwork.
I spend as much time with board games & role playing games as I do with digital games. Board games show their mechanics in a more explicit way, which I believe grants me a different way to view games than people who don't play board games; Helping me with my game design in a multitude of levels.

Bark Boat Dash
BBD was Patrics original idea, though we were both part of designing the game and specifying the mechanics.
Other things which I stood for during the development was the level design and designing the menu flowcharts. The 2 music tracks were also made by me during time outside of school.

Was my idea, which I pitched for the team. During the pre-production I also developed a game in pyGame (Gravitational, can be found on my portfolio) to show the game's core mechanic; The gravity shift. That game, however, came to be a puzzle platformer, instead of the multiplayer arena experience that is Grav-I-Bots.
The level design and weapon balancing (over the separate game modes) was done by me. Q&A and tweaking character movement was done by both Anna and I.