Leo Mikkola

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2016

Hello there! Welcome to my humble abode!

I’m an analytical person, I like figuring out how systems are built up. Often by breaking games down in order to figure out how they are built. My preference within game design lies in progression design, enemy design and gameplay design. Another area I like to work with is quality assurance.

I play a large variety of games and do not favor any genre in particular, nor does the complexity of a game play a role in my preference. Typically, the games I enjoy the most are those that puts emphasis on simple mechanics that does not have a huge learning curve.

Besides games, my greatest interests are movies and music. My favorite genre of movies is horror, and while I do not play an instrument, I do love to discover new music and will spend hours upon hours doing so in my spare time.

In terms of other interests, I enjoy bowling, streaming, reading comics as well as watching select few e-sports.