Lennie Hakola

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2010

My name is Lennie Hakola and I'm a 23 year old game designer.

Prior to my game design studies I had eleven months of military service before spending 15 months as a shift manager at Burger King until I finally decided to pursue my childhood dream of making games.

During Blazin' Guns I learned a lot from being alone in the design department, acting as a lead designer, project manager, producer for five weeks.

Mekathon let me work together with another designer as a producer on an idea that wasn't mine, while Sebastian Lindqvist was the lead designer. This project spanned over ten weeks.

Blodigt Allvar: Serious Business allowed us to tackle the Playstation 3 and create the first student project in the world with a PS3 development kit.

My goal is to get more experience in the videogame industry and eventually get a permanent position as a producer

As a person I am very adaptable and have no problems learning new things. I'm also great at communicating and I have a lot of knowledge about the industry as well as some leadership experience -- both from earlier employments and working in the projects here at PSQ.

But don't take my word for it -- check out my portfolio instead!

Telephone: +46 (0)730-727 835

E-mail: lennie@hakola.se