Leila Hallenberg

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2015

About Me

At heart, I'm a deep thinker who loves to analyze things to figure out how they work, something that serves me well in the design position. I prefer to work with systems design and gameplay scripting, as well as making sure that the whole is delivering the intended player experience.

I usually like games that offers some kind of different or unique experience as part of the design.
To the best of my abilities, I try to implement this in my own designs as well.
I dislike games that base their fun value around being something that is gained solely at the expense of other players.

Besides games, I have a great interest in history, and try to take every opportunity to dive into books or historical documentaries to learn more about how the world we live in today came to be.

My other interests include cooking - a hobby with a strangely large amount in common with game development - drawing, and tabletop roleplaying, which is where I first got started writing my own modules and encounters.

Project 1: Chroma Hoverdash

Chroma Hoverdash is a high-speed racing game made over five weeks in Tengine for the PC.

The goal is to be the first hovercraft to cross the finish line, but the track is very winding, and the faster you go, the more likely that they might fall off and be forced to drive even more recklessly to catch up.

I was the one who originally came up with the idea and wrote the design document for this game. My other responsibilities on this project included level design, project management and use of Fmod design to build sound events.

Project 2: Critter Conflict

Critter Conflict is a strategy game made over nine weeks in Tengine for the PS4.

In Critter Conflict, two players each take control over a colony of mice, and by making tactical decisions of how to move the mice, they try to be the first player to steal the acorns from the opposing colony.

My roles on this project included handling gameplay design, prototyping, gameplay scripting, level design, HUD design and project management.