Kevin Evason

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

My name is Kevin Evason and I study 3D graphics here at PlaygroundSquad in Falun. 
I come from a traditional art background and feel very comfortable painting in all mediums but my main focus is currently 3D sculpting in Zbrush. I specialize in character modelling where I work directly from someone's concepts or create my own if it's a personal project. 
I have a broad interest in games but I prefer the indie scene and try to stay active on the Android and IOS market.  
I make my own mini games in Unity on my freetime where I'm experimenting with different techniques such as procedural animation, shaders and VFX. 
I really enjoy From Software's games where they freely explore darker themes of creatures, characters and environments.
You can find my work on Artstation by following the link above or write directly to me at
Thank you for your time! :)