Johan Malmén

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020


I’m an aspiring environment artist who has always been fascinated by the structure and details of things. Nothing beats the inspiration you get from taking a walk, investing the details of the mundane and unexpected. I’m a passionate person who’s very excited to join a talented team. A team that I can learn from and to get the opportunity to work together towards a shared vision.

Game project 1 - Resilient

  • I was responsible for making the environment
  • I made a lot of props
  • I made and animated the entry and exit doors
  • I made the main menu scene

Game project 2 - Heliotrope

  • I was the art lead
  • I was responsible for the environment
  • I made a few props
  • I made the pillar models
  • I made the shaders for the game
  • I worked with level designers a lot, playing with different level ideas