Johan Nyberg

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019


My name is Johan Nyberg, I'm a digital illustrator with background in traditional art, Both illustration and sculpture.  

I began 3D modeling when I started on PSQ. I enjoy drawing and designing characters in a stylised cartoon art style with lots of insperation from manga. I also like animating and I like to start making comics in the future.

I want to create artwork and games and I want to do it with others.

I would like to become a Illustrator/Concept artist or Character artist.

I like games that go that extra step with their artistic vision and art style. 

Favorite games. Persona 3,4 and 5,  Dark souls, Nier.

Artist I take a lot of inspiration from include: Akihiko Yoshida, Harada Takehito, dowman sayman and Takegarou

Game Project:1 (5 week) "Lama Drama Spit-Pit!"  I made the human enemies (design, modeling, textureing, animeting) I made the UI and menu graphics and assisted  in the art direction  

Game Project:2 (9 week) "Death Blade" I was the lead art director and did a lot of concept art design I also did some modeling, UI and animating 


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