Jax Carls Wattberg

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

"Don't reinvent the wheel but do know how it works" - Personal Motto

Hello There!

As a programmer, I'm very dedicated to learn how systems work and how to expand them. I always trying to learn deeper stuff as low level it can get. Assembly might be the limit though. Further than that is mind breaking. My ambition is to contribute to the next generation of game development with efficient and optimized technics for everyone in my team to use. 

With that being said. I'm a curios developer that's eager to learn more of everything and that's a lot! I've merely scratched the surface. I like to know what other disciplines is doing. How they work and how we can work together in an more efficient way.
I see myself as a humble and friendly guy that doesn't have any ego. I like to teach people around me the things I know and I believe that knowledge should be shared.

 I have been told that I'm a programmer that can think like a designer. Which I believe is a compliment.

School projects

Duck Duck Boom

In Duck Duck Boom we were two programmers where I was responsible for the player controllers and some states and tools.
Here's a list that would summarize the work I did:

  • Main Menu
  • Player controllers (4 players with Xbox Controllers)
  • Tools for the UI
  • Generic C# like "List"  class for C++
  • Map Camera
  • Player collision & navmesh
  • Health System
  • UI manager that handles UI states
  • GUI & Player states
  • The egg mechanic (egg that spawns and explodes from the death of a duck)

The game was written in C++ and made in the house built engine Tengine


In Heliotrope I was the lead programmer and was responsible over the programmers and that everyone in the team understood git. I was also working on the pillar system and the traps in the game. Heliotrope was 

 Here's a list that would summarize the work I did:

  • The Pillar System
  • EventObjects such as  boulders, event trigger, pendulums, puzzle resets and gates which had some kind of relationship.
  • First iteration of the UI
  • A state manager called Game that dynamically changed the state of the game on being called.
  • First iteration of the AI and combat system (That was later scraped)
  • Collectible system in order to win the game
  • Checkpoints that store the players progress
  • Turret animation based on programming
  • Player & Grunt animations (code wise)
  • and A lot of helping my team out with many different matters.

The Game was written in C# and made in Unity

Personal projects

Trigon - Game Engine

I'm currently working on a graphics framework with the ambition to make a working game engine with it. It supports openGL for the moment but my ambition is to implement vulkan as well.  You can find the source code for it here: Github

The project is written with C & C++ in Visual Studio.