Ida Lahti

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hi! My name is Ida, and I am an aspiring character artist.

I have a Batchelor's degree in Game Design and Social Psychology at Uppsala University Campus Gotland (graduated 2016). During that education, I  acquired a theoretical understanding of Game Design and Art. To improve on my practical 3D-skills, I now attend PlaygroundSquad.

I am passionate about many different subjects so my road to 3D-art has not been straight directly from high school. I almost got into Balettakademien in Stockholm to train dance on a professional level. After graduating from university, I became one of three in Sweden for a full scholarship for further studies on a Master's level in Japan. My adult life so far has made me disciplined and determined to achieves the goals I set for myself. I have now fallen in love with 3D-graphics as the modern art form that it is and want to get really good at it. I am also excited to learn more about technical solutions to achieve an aesthetical vision.

I want to make my characters feel alive and tell a story. For inspiration, I look at other artists' work as well as watch films, play games and observe traditional art, fashion and more.