Erik Thored

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2015


I'm a guy who likes to program, I mostly work on gameplay and sound implementation. 

During my time at PlaygroundSquad I've worked on 3 projects. 

Color Clash 

This was my first game project at PlaygroundSquad it is a racing game for the PC. I mostly worked on collision between player and the game world. I also implemented some of the HUD into the game. Since this was my first big project i leared a lot about team work and how to work as a group with a common goal.

Critter Conflict 

This was my second game project, I worked on implementing the sound and music to the game using FMOD Studio. This project was special to me since it was the first time I've worked on the PS4. The other thing I worked on was gameplay and input for the PS4. I worked a bit on implementing the player and the attacktowers to the game. I also dabbled a bit in the menu system.  

I had a Bad Dream 

This was my third and final game project. During 9 weeks we made an endless runner for the Playstation Vita. For this project I worked on player movement, environment side scrolling and audio implementation.