Erik Sjöman

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009

New Portfolio Website!


Hello, I'm a 21 year old programmer, who spends most of my days infront of the computer.

Before Playgroundsquad I studied virtual design which actually was my interest from the beginning, becomming a 3D artist. Which led me on a path to take some Programming courses in several languages, and I loved it. And for each day that passes by, it gets more interesting.

I did an OBJ-Loader in OpenGL, which I used as a work-sample to get into this school. It can load an obj model and render it in 3D space.


I got experiences in:

Languages: C, C++, C#, .Net, HLSL

Api: DirectX, Fmod, Raknet, PhysX


~ Tenstar Internship ~

I've learned extremly much during my internship at Tenstar. Especially about code structure and PhysX

During my time at Tenstar, I've developed a TowerCrane Simulator, built a small physics editor for our simulators. Made some MEL scripts that improves the graphics work time.

And some more smaller things~


~ Dynamic Cubemap Reflection Shader ~

A newly created Dynamic reflection shader, 2 spheres reflect each other, several times. And the world.



~ First Project ~

Dakota James ( 5 Weeks )

First game project led to messy code. Everyone worked everywhere. Communication is the key to a successful project is what i learned from this.


~ Global Game Jam! ~

Go bananas ( 48 Hours)

A man stuck in the jungle, left alone by his friends. All he got left is tons of bananas. Soon the apes notice the huge pile of bananas, and goes berserk! You have to throw bananas at them to make them happy, or else they'll attack and kill you!


Due to shortage of time and me being the only programmer with tons of artists, I had no chance to implement everything we wanted. But in the end, it became close to what we wanted it to be like.


~ Second Project ~

Fused ( 10 Weeks )

Fused is a third person shooter with a twist. You combine different energies to create a total of 6 different weapon effects. Different weapons have different strengths and
weaknesses and sticking to one gun will not only make gunfights harder, but will quickly deplete that energy source!


The project had alot better structure, The result is very pleasing.

As time went by, I was assigned the weapon part of the project. Making weapons as a designer wants it isn't always the easiest part since you can't see inside their head.

Redoing all weapons several times due to no pleasing designers is a time killing task.


I also made all the particle effects in the game, with a little help from Tomaz editor, that i used for placing and previewing particles,
and from our 2D artist for making the sprites.


All 6 weapons listed as follows :

Hailgun: Starting weapon which shots out an Icicle which gets stuck in enemies. Can be seen on the picture with the robot below.

Flamethrower: Burst your enemies into flames! Make them burn!

BoltGun: Electrify your enemies!

Shatter: By combining ice and fire makes an instable force which can shatter glas! Also works great against turrets!

Plasma: Combine fire and electricity to make a plasma that bounces off walls, making enemies around a corner an easy target, but watch out. It might hit yourself!

Frostshock: Combining ice and electricity makes an instant cold shock, freezing your enemies and making them slower!



~ Third Project ~

Talon's Reach (PSP-Game) (6 Weeks)

A sidescrolling adventure on the PSP, Castlevania style, but a little less action and a bit more puzzle. 



Contact me in any way if you want code samples or got questions!