Erik Käck

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2011


Hello my name is Erik Käck and im a second-year student on playgroundsquad. Im 20 year old with passion for programming.


I've been in two projects animal cruelty (5 weeks) and low-life(9weeks). Each one of these projects have making me grow as a programmer, in both i've working as a in game programmer.


the kind of programming i'm interested in is network , shader , collision and game engin programming.


Network- in raknet. have plans to try on with sockets one day

Shaders(HLSL) - don't know it to well but want to get better at it

Collision - have done simple player collision and world collision, want to learn more

Engine - i have programmed my own programming engine in directx9. Its a simple 2D engine, but it can render quads with textures , write text with fonts , it can play wav file with directsound etc.


I have a website, which I will update with information about my own projects. it will also contain other things


If you have some questions you would like to ask, fell free to send a mail or call me at +46706952151