Elias Wickander Tröften

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Aspiring game programmer, with a curiosity for everything related to the development of games and software. I'm confident in my ability to solve any problem given enough time, and have an obsession for understanding why and how things work as they do.

When I'm not studying, I spend the majority of my time improving my skills by working on personal projects or take on commissions, not to mention the occasional game jam. I'm humble to the fact that I don't know it all, and I'm actively seeking criticism in order to become the best developer I can be.

I have worked on three game projects at PlaygroundSquad. Being the lead programmer of two of them, I've in addition to programming had the opportunity to learn several skills related to team management and leadership, and last but not least; time management.

During my time here at PlaygroundSquad, I have learned how to use C++ and how to apply that knowledge for game development using their own inhouse engine, but I have also put an effort into improving my C# abilities and working with Unity.


  • C#
  • C++
  • Developing products from start to finish with a team using an inhouse engine and Unity
  • Developing products from start to finish solo using Unity

Game Projects

Chalice Wizard

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Creation and management of the ECS framework we used throughout the project 
  • Implementation of physics and collision
  • Creation and implementation of an animator that supports blending between animations
  • Creating a leaderboard and save data between sessions
  • Setting up a way for designers to easily place things in the world through an object factory (since the engine was purely within visual studio)


Main areas of responsibility:

  • Co-designed a custom character controller that used our own physics logic
  • The vortex ball mechanic
  • The dive mechanic
  • Implementation and transitioning between animations
  • Implementation of cinematics
  • Optimization

Twisted Heights

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Tower functionality & weight distribution
  • Player movement
  • Object throwing
  • Boulder
  • Implementation of ragdolls, together with VFX and animations