Dorothea Wunder

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2019

Hello illustrious visitor,
and welcome to my student page. I am Dorothea and I came over from Germany to Sweden in order to study Game Design at PlaygroundSquad. Over the course of the past months here in Falun, I was able to expand my horizon in various classes and have been part of two great game projects. It is a fantastic experience to spend time and work side by side with others who are as passionate about games as I am. The exchange with different people has been very enriching for me and I am grateful for the time. 

Before making my move into the games industry, I finished my teacher's certificate in Germany, majoring in English and German. The various subjects included in this education, such as Literature, Cultural Studies and Pedagogy, form a great pool of inspiration for me to draw from and can offer a different angle in game design. 

My personal goal in game making is to ignite a spark of wonder and touch the player on a deeply emotional level. 

As a book-worm, I have always been most intrigued by the narrative aspect and possibilities of video games. Studying here at PlaygroundSquad has also awakened my interest in level and combat design, however, I am always excited to learn more about numerous fields and expand my skillset.

Aside from playing and creating video games, I enjoy board games and going on Dungeons & Dragons misadventures with the PSQ heroes (or "heroes"). When no one is around, I spend my time crafting and sewing as well as following my personal obsession with cephalopods.

My school projects:

Project 1 - Don't drink the Coolant

  • Game Design - game concept of a coop hero defense game
  • Gameplay Design - enemy types & spawning pattern
  • Level Design - battle arena
  • Project Management - organizing SCRUM in Hansoft
  • Documentation - GDD writing
  • Quality Assurance - playtesting, playtester questionnaire & survey 

Project 2 - Death Blade

  • Gameplay Design - enemy & enemy variant behavior
  • Gameplay Design -  design and balancing of player augmentations
  • UI Design - design of upgrade menu, status screen, and minimap
  • UI Art - 2D art for game menus & Icons
  • Quality Assurance - playtesting, playtester questionnaire & survey

  • Unity3D (intermediate)
  • C# (beginner)
  • LUA (beginner)
  • Photoshop (intermediate)
  • Maya (beginner)
  • Trello
  • Hansoft