Dennis Borg

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2013

Hello, my name is Dennis Borg. I am 24 years old and an aspiring game designer at Playgroundsquad.

The first game I played was Duck Hunt when I was very young and my interest in games have only become bigger with the years. I enjoy playing MMO's, RPG's and many other types of games. I have strong comunications skills and I am very goal oriented, always want to get things done before a deadline.


For more information and to see my portfolio, visit my website:

Gameproject 2: Defence of Yggdrasil

Tower defence - PlayStation 3 - 9 weeks

During the project I was the Project Manager and it was my job to keep track of everything and know when everything should be done. I did most of the planning during the 9 weeks that we had to work on Defence of Yggdrasil. I also took on the task of balancing the game which includes all the stats of the runestones, enemies, towers and the attributes they have, also helped with the level design.

Gameproject 1: Chaser

Sidescrolling - Platformer (PC) - 5 weeks

I was the lead QA and also took care of our wiki and some of the level layout. During the project I tested everything countless times to find bugs,glitches and other things that required our teams attention. Most of the time I gave the team feedback on what I experienced during my playtesting, like how the graphics looked and how the flow of the level felt.