Dan Gemvall

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2005

With a solid intrest in modding and making graphics for games one of my main intressts is getting familiar with different game editors(UT2004, Battlefield 2, Crysis). One of my favourite ones so far is the editor for Dawn of War. A game from one of EA\'s companies called Relic entertainment. I have also begun touching the UT3 editor but so far i havn\'t gone into any depth with it. 

I like games with a fair amount of speed in them. I also like design and things that look pretty. So it should come as no suprise that i am a huge Wipeout fan. Close to nothing beats the rush of playing Wipeout Pulse on Super Phantom. This could explain why i also like skiing, inlines, gokart and other things that go really really fast. 

I also have a small obession so far with collecting Collectors edition(CE)  boxes for games. Really a market that is just opening up. It has been more rooted in the movies industry so far and we are just seen the beginning here with games. For a little peak on how creative the movie industry is you can check out discjunkie.com a friends site. Which contains a fairly large selection of CE\'s for movies and series.

I also try to keep up with news on sites like 1UP and IGN.com. For 3D news my two main sites are www.polycount.com and www.gameartisans.org. For additional training and learning besides working as a artist i buy stuff from sites like http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/ , www.gnomonology.comhttp://www.digitaltutors.com . A great way of learning new stuff. Make sure to buy them and support the artists.