Chris Palmgren

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2019

I am a teamplayer who enjoys to get in touch with people and contribute with positive energy. To me it's important to show attention and appreciation to good work along with being aware of and strive for personal development.

Fundamental skills in Gameplay, Network, AI, Graphic and Physics programming.
Fundamental skills in using Unity and Unreal Engine.

Although I have enjoyed all sort of game programming, I have found myself to be more interested in gameplay and AI-programming. However, I feel dedicated to immerse myself into more graphical programming as well.

Project 1: Llama Drama Spit Pit
Engine: Tengine

This first project arranged by Playground Squad, we went into it in mind of me being a lone programmer. It was to me challenging, but with a team as good as it was and with hard work, it all turned out alright. I got to grow my C++ skills even further and had a lot of fun along the way.

Project 2: Death Blade

Engine: Unity

For 9 weeks, we were assigned to work from home due to Covid-19. Even the circumstances, we kept our communication over discord and kept track of each other through it to make it work.
In this project, I was responsible for AI programming. With two other great programmers, we could easily share thoughts and ideas and with that in hand, I experience my understanding for building well constructed AI-behaviour grew even bigger.

Project 3: ???

Engine: Unreal Engine

( In Progress... )

Overall, I have been handed opportunities to spend my time around very talented and ambitious people, that has given me great understanding of their work either if it's about design, art or programming.

Summer "break" 2020:
At the side from a part time job, I spent a lot of my spare time on an Unreal Course released by at Udemy. It brought to me knowledge and skills to understand how to work with the editor, blueprints and how to use the hierarchical structure to use as an API to build objects whether it's UI, Player Attributes, AI Attributes, Sound Queues, Models/Skeletals and Animations. However, during the course I gave myself the challenge to tweak the instructions to build a player controller that was more preferable to me. This lead to obstacles later on where I needed to find solutions to work around the courses instructions.