Carolina Elvelin

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2020

Hello there!

My name is Carolina Elvelin and im an aspiring 3D environmental artist. 

I have had a passion for art and games since my childhood, before I came to Playgroundsquad i studied at BTH Blekinge Tekniska Högskola for about one year as a Technical Artist. But since programming was not my strongest suit I found the love for making 3D art. My time at BTH gave me a basic understanding of 3D which I have developed further here at my time at Playgrounsquad. 

My main focus is making organic environments since flora and fauna always have been such a source of inspiration in my life. During my time studying here at Playgroundsquad I have gained good knowledge in Autodesk Maya and sculpting in Zbrush, I´ve also refined my texturing knowledge in Substance painter.  

When im not focusing on my work of becoming a better artist I like to play games during my free time. Because im a very social person I also love to spend times with my friends and I occasionally participate in game jams as a fun learning experience.

Game Project 1: Duck Duck BOOM

  • For the first game project I was Artlead and was responsible for the other artist managing the work distribution and making sure the style was somewhat consistent.
  • I was modeling/sculpting most of the environmental props, the different trees for example.
  • I also sculpted the zombie duck and textured my assets.

Game Project 2: Liberosis

  • For the second project I was also Artlead and had similar responsibilities, managing the workload and making sure the different assets worked together well in the environment.
  • For Liberosis I´ve made most of the organic environmental assets inside of the game. Like rocks, trees and different flora. 
  • I focused a lot on communications between the artist and did some collaborations with other artist to get the environment to a better level of polish.
  • I was also responsible for populating the environment of most of the first level of the game and the whole second night level.   

Artstation: carolinaelvelin