Axel Kloo

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Prop Artist


Through both a year as a foreign exchange student in United Stated and close to four years in the Swedish Royal Navy I have developed a strong sense of responsibility, Solid patience but foremost a fundamental understanding of the importance of teamwork & consistency. I value team effort greatly and attach an exceptional importance on being open and continuously growing. 

I am perceived a calm and methodical person that is easy to communicate and cooperate with. I have retrieved a few peculiar life experiences and I feel it's been more humbling than anything. I truly look forward to energetically join and learn from my fellow colleagues and artists in the industry.


Easiest way of contact;


Discord: Kloo#6383


In our 2nd school project I've gone in with a problem solver mentality so I've done a variety of things. From UI to assets & Set dressing environments. Of course I highly enjoyed the latter but I think the main things I'll take with me are to make props adjustable for easy use and how important game feedback is; It's worth spending time on.