Anton Lindeström

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2009

For recent demos and updates on my status I recommend you visit my portfolio:



I'm a 21 year old human male, currently studying at PlaygroundSquad.

Pre PlaygroundSquad I spent my time in high school with specialization on technology/IT. As a graduation project in high shcool I created a game on my own to learn some real C++ with some help from SDL, which later became my portfolio to PSQ.

At moment im trying to get the most out of the education at PlaygroundSquad. Trying to learn as much as possible so if I get the chance to get some crash course from an artist in Maya i take it, but put most time and focus on my main field which is C++, HLSL and Direct X.


First Project: Dakota James ( 5 weeks )

Trailer Missing!

Post-mortem: Hard to estimate how much time certain tasks will take, Important to communicate.



Global Game Jam: Switch ( 48 Hours (+ 2 to include joypad support) )


Post-mortem: We got a whole game in 48 hours!!!, the shortage of time led to rather bad code structure.



Second Project: Dynasty Of Zealots ( 10 weeks )


Post-mortem: To much work was dependant on the artists, Didn't test the ideas with a proper prototype to see if they worked, Did really good even tho we had a shortage of artist.