Alexander Persson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2019

3D Animator

About Me

I am a 23 year old chap with an avid interest for computer sciences, physics, history, military things and of course, animation! I first started animating in conjunction with modding back in 2013 but only recently dedicated myself to the art. Beside work, I dedicate myself to outdoor recreation through Airsoft, which is basically Paintball without the paint. I do this when the weather allows and when it doesn't I dedicate myself to political role play as well as vexillology. During my school years I often engaged with video games but have lately cut it down a notch. Nowadays I show my passion for games through the creation of game content, such as animations, but also through irregular game sessions.


PSQ Projects

Dino Jump - As the sole animator my primary area of responsibility was all animation, as well as rigging. Beside that I also worked on the environment somewhat.

Note: The following projects were developed during the covid-19 pandemic.

Song of the Bardbarians - As part of the animation team, I was solely responsible for the animations of one enemy AI unit, namely the orc. I was however not responsible for implementation. The last few weeks of the project I fell sick and was unable to work as much as I wanted to. Due to this there was not enough time to dedicate to iteration and polish, the final animations were also not implemented as a consequence to miscommunications. There were however no missing animations, so in that sense the project didn't suffer all too much because of it.

Concussed - Once again I was the sole dedicated animator, I was initially responsible for everything from rigging, keyframe animation, motion capture directing (along with Alexander Jansson), motion capture clean up, as well as implementation. Unfortunately, much like during the development of Song of the Bardbarians, the last half of the project I was unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances, that is in this case; death of a family member, and all that such an occurrence entails. As such, most of my work was in alpha and consequently there wasn't enough time to dedicate to polish and iteration. Motion capture clean up duties were reassigned in anticipation of a quick return to work on my part. Unfortunately that was evidently not the case and thus most of that work was left unutilised. Aside from motion capture clean up, first person animations also had to be reassigned. Thankfully, flaws in the 3rd person animations were not reported to be noticeable due to the fast player movement speed in game and consequently did not negatively impact the game too much.