Alexander Linderson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2017

Well met! I'm Alex Linderson, game design student at PlaygroundSquad in Falun, Sweden.

I got into design because my fondness of creating experiences for people. I'm currently a generalist, but I most enjoy game design. In teams i thoroughly enjoy planning, communicating and making sure the team is working smoothly.

In my spare time i enjoy:

  • Pen & paper role-play
  • Playing games
  • Playing drums
  • Scripting text-adventures


Main skills:

  • Game design
  • Scripting(python)
  • Communication

Secondary skills:

  • FMOD & some sound design
  • Scriping(C#) Beginner
  • Maya
  • Video editing & motion graphics - handy for trailers and/or gifs of game mechanics

Projects and what I did in them:


  • All game design
  • Production
  • UI
  • Splines for camera and movement
  • All sound design, used FMOD

Gull & Gill's Skyhigh Adventure(WIP)

  • Level design
  • Gameplay design
  • Production