Alex Mattila

Programmer, PlaygroundSquad 2018

Hej! Welcome to my page. 
You can find different ways to contact me and see more of what I have done in the links above.

My name is Alex. I started my path as a programmer in upper secondary school where I had a major in information and media technology, there my work was basic computer programs made in C# and web development made in HTML. As I was there I wanted to continue my work in IT so i chose to stay there for 4 years to learn how to be a certified upper secondary school engineer. Some time later after a break from school to work I wanted to follow my lifelong passion that is games, so I started here at PlaygroundSquad to learn how game making works and how to write in C++.
Game Projects

Project 1: Elemental Showdown
My main tasks for this project were first the trap projectiles together with the players health and re-spawn. After that I took up the job to implement the animations. Last but not least I added the menus before finishing up the game.

Project 2: Trial of Odin
In this project I began with working on the player character behavior like walking, rotation and collision. Then when walking and collision was working I put in the player and enemies health/damage. And like the first project I took it upon myself to implement the animations, but this time working close together with a dedicated animator we had on the project.