Timmy Jonsson

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2021

Hi there! My name is Timmy Jonsson im 20 and im an aspiring game designer! 

I have been around video games almost all my life. the past three and a half years game development has also sneaked in and gotten a place as well!

When it comes to my work i have tried learning as much as possible. I do 3D modeling in both Maya and Blender, C# programming and of course an array of game concepts! Here is a link to my porfolio.  What i really like within design has to come down to level and content design taking the cake. I really enjoy making worlds or small experiences and then filling said world with characters and events.

Before being accepted to PSQ i had worked on 5 projects varying from racing games, cooperative couch play games, a story game and finally i worked on a small RPG on the side while doing the other game projects. Within these projects i mostly worked as a lead designer and a 3D artist. 

On my spare time i enjoy taking my camera outside and do some photography, I also recently dusted off my drawing tablet and im in the process of trying to learn to draw! And finally of course i play games when time allows it!  

I love creating experiences for the people around me, sharing them and seeing peoples reactions and getting their feedback. I belive there is always room for growth no matter the experience.