Carl Stengård

Designer, PlaygroundSquad 2021


I'm a game designer who's working hard at tempering my craft into something great here at PlaygroundSquad!

I believe that what makes a game great is a clever merging of all the different specilizations, therefore I work hard to have an understanding of not only game design, but graphical design and programming as well. In my opinion it's important for me as a designer to be able to look at, and share my thoughts with both programmers and artists alike to create that tightly knit package that creates those special experiences.

On account of this I try to build up on all aspects of game design, as I love the process of creating a game.

I believe that I should be puzzle piece that can fit in pretty much in any spot, and regardless of team composition I should be able to add something of value to the production. For me it's important to have that integrity as a designer as it's important to grasp all these various aspects in order to properly appreciate the task of designing something as intricate as a video game!

While all of this are aspects I find important, what's paramount is having a structured and well oiled team, and the only way to get a structured team is to create an enivornment where everyone wants to commit and really be able to push themselves. It's very important that the relationship between me and my colleagues is solid, and that regardless of the task we're in it together.