André Nilsson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2021

My name's André! I've studied Art and Design at Katedralskolan in Växjö and I've studied as a Game Artist at Ädelfors folkhögskola in Holsbybrunn.

My life surrounds around fictional characters as it's something I indulge myself into daily. I enjoy working with stylized (especially cartoony) characters! I'm heavily influenced by Japanese media such as Nintendo, different manga styles and the VOCALOID community. I'm also capable of working with props.

Above you can see links to my ArtStation where I host my 3D portfolio, including works such as what I've done as an intern at PocApp Studios. I also have my Toyhouse profile where I host my more hobby related character designs and digital 2D art.

For the "Grapplevania" project I designed and modelled the enemies. I also worked a lot with the texturing!

For "TIME RIVALS" where I've done characters and props, you can check out my ArtStation post! -

For "Draconic Rampage" I modeled and textured the archer enemy.