André Nilsson

Artist, PlaygroundSquad 2021

The name's André! Lunoz is my alias! I've studied Art and Design at Katedralskolan, Växjö and I've as well studied as a Game Artist at Ädelfors Folkhögskola, Holsbybrunn. Now I study as a Game Artist at PlaygroundSquad here in Falun.

I breathe fictional characters. I enjoy designing and modelling stylized but mostly cartoony characters! I'm heavily influenced by Japanese media such as Nintendo and manga. I work with more than just characters as a hobby. I want to be a Character Artist.

Above you can see links to my ArtStation where I host my 3D portfolio and over at my Toyhouse where I host my mpre hobby related character designs with further digital 2D art.

For the "Grapplevania" project I designed and modelled the enemies. I also worked a lot with the texturing!

For "TIME RIVALS" you can check out my ArtStation post! -