Tank U

Tank U puts you behind the wheel of a tank in the middle of an unknown military conflict. In order to survive, you must use the roaring metal monster that has been given to you, and destroy all enemy machines that are trying to stop you on your glorious way to victory. With Tank U, you will get the chance to experience the intense, mind-blowing action that real life tank pilots have to live through in actual wars. So buckle up and prepare yourself soldier, because you are about to enter the world of Tank U.

• Intense network multiplayer deathmatch action with up to 6 players on the PC.

• An all new world-system, featuring spherical maps for battles without borders.

• Take control over an american 1943 model Sherman tank, armed with an impressive line-up of steel crunching weapons, containing shells, grenades and a fully automatic 50. caliber machinegun.

• Blast your way through an entire planet, featuring three different environmental zones. Together with state-of-the-art 3d graphics, explore beautiful surroundings with ultra sharp detail. War has never looked this good before.

• Realistic modelling, texturing, sound-engineering and special effects, providing a hardcore in-your-face gameplay experience.

• Developed using Renderware 3D-engine, together with FMOD sound library.

Michael Idehall



Tank U was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2004: