Project Rasputin

Project Rasputin is a Multiplayer PC Game, supports 2-8 players.
 It takes place in the future in an underground subway where a test center
is being held. In the test center humans are working on warmachins, mechs,
for the upcoming war. Here the mechs abilities to fight and cooperate are being tested.
 You are able to choose between three different units, each one unique
in their way. The offensive unit have two weapons and medium damage of the units.
Speed unit have two weapons, more support and sabotage weapons than high firepower.
It uses a hook shot for high speed movements and are able to travel through the
ventilation shafts in the subway station. The defensive unit is the biggest unit with
high amount of defence and it has also two offensive weapons. Both the offesive unit and
defensive unit are equipt with the plasmagun, which shoots bouncing energybullets.
 Fight against your friends in either Capture the point mode or Team Deathmatch mode!

 Project Rasputin is a 10 week project.


Project Rasputin was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2007: