Hassle Jam Poems


Hassle Jam Poems is a Tower Defence game for the Playstation Vita. It follows a typical TD gameplay of building towers that defend a specific location against waves of enemies.

The game is inspired by poor translated ports and broken English.

Hassle Jam Poems doesn't take itself too seriously, and as a result - is a lot of fun to play.


 - 13 Towers
 - 4 Difficulties
 - 2 Levels
 - "Endless" Mode, where you play until you lose!
 - Boss Stages



One day (yesterday), was to write a poem is a powerful black magic wizard Eroaeiae.
He ink for writing was not, and he is using instead the jam. This is a terrible tragedy to write poetry, it was important to write a poem.

Unfortunately, some of the poems, I decided to steal. Eroaeiae began a spell on all who knew her desperately. Creatures to stop him from across the country. He returned to his poetry, refused to listen to them.

In attempt to calm him down, they stole a lot of his poems.

This is simply angry masterpiece. When you come out of the spell cast by mana, he began construction of the towers of jam.

In the eradication of opposition, Eroaeiae can finally go home and continue to write his poems eventually. However, he does not have an idea of what inspiration, no! He thought in the mind "what" he said. It is easy to find the lost land!

To remember, something he had forgotten. In the midst of a battle to recover forgotten poem violated!!!

This time, this is a personal...

Finally, the search for a stolen Eroaeiae poem. Certainly, his joy, his eyes. In honor of smile.

He was ready to start writing new poem. But then I remembered something. Some very, very important to extremes.

He ran out of Jam!!!

Eroaeiae also decided it was time to jam out. And start fighting again!

Fight against organized again. Eroaeiae returned home, he went to her bed in the magic of the holidays.
He had his songs, each one should try to steal it back.

He was not involved, and the inconvenience.

Then someone knocked on the door. But in retrospect, I think he should not open it. It is full of creatures, he could not see the end. If he is not mad, I thik a lot of things, it is unlimited. However, the very reason.

Again, he is ready to jam in the construction of tower.

This is absolutely true, and this time, absolutely sure full of personality.

Good Luck!!!


Hassle Jam Poems was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2011: