Echoes of the Void

Lost in The Void, you have to explore, grapple, and platform your way around the broken isles until you find your way out. Beware as its inhabitants aren't keen on letting outsiders leave!

Download the game here!

In Echoes of the void, you’re in control of a huntress that’s been whisked away to The Void where she now has to make her way out of.

The Huntress, having been traversing The Void for a while at this point, has learnt to harness it’s powers and has heightened her shooting abilities, which now strikes true whenever she needs to shoot.

She’s also learnt how to enhance her mobility, as she’s able to use her powers of the void to not only quickly move herself forward through the air by dashing, but also summon a spectral hand that drags her to crystals that resonates with these powers.


Echoes of the Void was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2021: