Colonial Conflict

Colonial conflict is a team based multiplayer game that is set in an asteroid field in space. The gameplay is the classic Team deathmatch formula with the addition of classes. Use five different types of spaceships: Fighter, Heavy Gunship, Engineer, Scout, Saboteur. Each ship has unique abilities that is needed for the team to work effectively, so good teamplay will be required in order to win.

The trailer can be found on YouTube:

This project competed in Swedish Game Awards 2008.


The game did not make it to the finals but the jury gave these comments:

The jury was impressed by the graphics in Colonial Conflict. The jury appreciated the teams effort in the otherwise almost empty space-sim-genre. The modeling also scored extra points.

But it was hard to be pulled in due to the mouse steering and that the gameplay sometimes only consisted of flying long distances without anything happening. Space felt vast and empty, the jury would have liked it to be filled with intensity (like the spacebattles in Episode III).

Summary: A beautiful and well built game that lacked intensity.

Swedish national television picked up on our entry to the SGA competition and produced a segment for the local news. It was also later featured on their national broadcast:

SVT Play, swedish only:


Colonial Conflict was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2007: