Power Golf Arena

Golf Deathmatch!

Power Golf Arena is a Turn-based 3D Sports Party game. Power Golf Arena is unlike any other golf games,as the game has you hurling golf balls at your opponents instead of holes. This setting is designed to be a perfect balance between competitive golfing and a chaotic party game experience. 

The game is for 2-4 players where each player takes on one of the personas of the extreme golf players. Each characters style is focused on their social image rather than golfing practicality.

This game project had a 9 week development cycle where the three discipline and outside sound designers collaborated. The game was made using Unity engine for Playstation 4.

Download link: https://artillery-green.itch.io/power-golf-arena

Team Members


  • Hugo Wassén (Project Manager / Lead Designer)
  • Carl-Henric Ehn-Hjältman (Designer)


  • Maija Eriksson Kukkonen (Lead Artist / Environment Artist)
  • Andreas Olsson (Character Artist / Prop Artist)
  • Elisabeth Lindberg (Technical Artist / VFX Artist)
  • Rebekah Landfeldt (Character Artist)
  • Eddie Cyrillus (Lead Character Artist)


  • Julius Edvardsson (Lead Programmer)
  • Pontus Westerfors (Programmer)
  • Daniel Westman (Programmer)

  • Andreas Hultgren (Lead Sound Designer)
  • Jibril Ibrahim (Sound Designer)
  • Sebastian Hedlund (Sound Designer)

Team Artillery Green

Power Golf Arena was made by these students from the PlaygroundSquad class that started in 2021: